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About Us
    Qingdao Free Trade Port Area is situated on the west coast of Jiaozhou Bay with a planned area of 9.72km2. It has 19 container berths and two multipurpose berths with functions such as modern logistics, foreign trade, international cargo transit, international procurement, merchandise exhibitions, testing and maintenance, processing, manufacturing and port operations. It is a special area with the highest level of opening-up, most favorable policies, most flexible operation and most convenient customs services. On September 1,2009,the first phase (3.42 km2) of Qingdao Free Trade Port Area passed examination and acceptance by 11 ministries and commissions under the State Council, and was officially put into operation.
  • Law of the PRC on Chinese-Foreign
  • Law of the PRC on Income Tax of E
  • Law of the PRC on Foreign Capital
  • Law of the PRC on Sino-Foreign Co
  • Notice of the State Taxation Admi
  • Law of the PRC on Chinese-Foreign
  • Documents Required For Setting Up
  • Setting Yacht headquarter in QDFT
  • Setting Yacht headquarter in QDFT
  • Setting Yacht headquarter in QFTP
  • Cashmere market
  • Qingdao International Rubber Exch
  • Bulk Exchange Markets
  • 1:Qingdao Free Trade Zone Baotai
  • The Densest Shipping Line Netw
  • Qingdao Qianwan Port
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